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Wedding cake
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Aunty Tiesie’s Cakes – for that something unique…

From traditional to modern, budget or big spender, the choice is yours and Aunty Tiesie’s Cakes and Catering is just the right place where you can get exactly what you’re looking for.  I work from home, no expensive overheads and no overpriced cakes and with more than 15 years experience in baking and decorating wedding cakes, you’re guaranteed my expertise, undivided attention and personal touch.


Your wedding day, like everything else on the big day, needs to be perfect.  But there’s no point in having a cake that looks great, but doesn’t have a taste to match… At Aunty Tiesie’s Cake you are guaranteed to have both, I pride myself in the quality and taste of my cakes, as well as the decorating.


You have endless choice at Aunty Tiesie’s Cakes.  It doesn’t have to be strictly traditional if that’s not what you’re in to, use your imagination (and taste buds), have a little bit of what you fancy – it’s after all your wedding cake!


Types of cakes available;

-        Vanilla sponge (egg-less also available)

-        Chocolate sponge

-        Carrot cake

-        Light fruit cake

-        Rich fruit cake

-        Large 8cm cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla)

-        Standard 5cm cupcakes (chocolate or vanilla)

-        Petit fours (small, individual iced cakes squares)

-        Profiteroles (cream, custard or chocolate filling)


And your choice doesn’t end there… fondant icing is traditionally used for wedding cakes, but if you don’t like it, you can have buttercream icing, cream cheese icing or chocolate ganaché.  You can even add a flavour to any of the above icing choices, like lemon, rum, strawberry or almond essence.


Mix and match; type of cake, icing, shapes… single layer, stacked tiers, pillared tiers or a metal stand… the choice is yours!


Though I have a general rough guide pricelist, to give you an idea (especially if you’re watching the pennies), but I always quote individually, depending on what you want or what you can afford.


Click here to view the pricelist

Cake serving quantities guideline

For standard small portions (size roughly 1” x 1” / 3cm x 3cm)


6” (15cm)

36 portions

8” (20cm)

64 portions

10” (25cm)

100 portions

12” (30cm)

144 portions


For more generous portions (size roughly 1” x 2” / 3cm x 6cm)


6” (15cm)

18 portions

8” (20cm)

32 portions

10” (25cm)

50 portions

12” (30cm)

72 portions



Round cakes provide slightly less portions per cake than square cakes.  As a rule of thumb, when calculating your portions, deduct at least 3 portions less than a square cake.  Fruit cake is traditionally cut in the smaller 1" x 1" pieces and sponge in the larger 1" x 2".  Want to calculate it yourself; see BakingIt website for some great tools.


Bride & groom topper     Bride & groom topper


For medium portion sizesroughly 1” x 1.5”

6” square

24 portions

8” square

40 portions

10” square

66 portions

12” square

96 portions