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Aunty Tiesie's Cakes


Need a cake?  Don't worry, just give "Aunty Tiesie" a ring!  It's the stuff kids dreams are made of (big or small), go-on then... surprise your loved-ones with one of my creations...


Birthday and Special Occassion Cakes


Birthday cakes are made with deliciously tasty single layer sponge (vanilla, chocolate or eggless vanilla), primarily decorated with creamy butter icing and other edible decorations where needed.  Standard size is a 12" [30cm] square - enough for roughly 40 portions, also available is a larger size of 12"x16" [30x40cm] - enough for roughly 60 portions.


Please ensure you place your order a minimum of 7 days before the date required.  Browse through my portfolio to choose a design or request a quote for your own unique design idea or picture.  Just go to the order enquiry form to request a quote or place an order and I'll get back to you within a minimum of 24hrs.

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Wedding Cakes


From traditional to modern, budget or big spender, the choice is yours and Aunty Tiesie’s Cakes and Catering is just the right place where you can get exactly what you’re looking for.  I work from home, no expensive overheads and no overpriced cakes and with more than 15 years experience in baking and decorating wedding cakes, you’re guaranteed my expertise, undivided attention and personal touch.


Your wedding day, like everything else on the big day, needs to be perfect.  But there’s no point in having a cake that looks great, but doesn’t have a taste to match… At Aunty Tiesie’s Cake you are guaranteed to have both, I pride myself in the quality and taste of my cakes, as well as the decorating.


South African Home-baked Goods


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Cocktail Catering - Buffet Platters

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